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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 21, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news out of kensington where right now police are investigating a double shooting why police say the shooter had two guns. a fight gets out of control at geno's steaks, bizarre claim men made before the fists started flying. and... >> can i ever go out again and feel safe? can i ever go celebrate anything without having to have flashbacks of what if somebody comes in here right now. >> she survived terror in an orlando nightclub shot in the leg during the massacre, fox 29 intern patients carter is back home here in philadelphia to recover. how she's already looking to her future. good day, everyone it is june 21st, 206. i'm chris murphy. lauren johnson has the morning off. patients will be in the studio late they're morning.
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before we get tour weather an traffic a developing story out of camden where camden county school children are waiting to see if they will have school today. students were sent home yesterday after temperatures climbed extremely high. schools in that district do not have central air. officials also cancelled after school programs because of that heat. decision on whether or not schools will be opening in session on time is something we will to have wait and see. speaking of weather, lets go to sue serio. it is a scorcher. >> it was yesterday but we have action on radar this morning. all of the big giant lightening bolts is an indication of thunderstorms and a lot of them are moving, in from upstate new york and then some have popped up to the south of us, it is central delaware, and then across the bay into cumberland county in new jersey. you can see quite a few thunderstorms, pretty fast and furious the way they are moving through. we take away lightening and you can see heavy downpours around dover, delaware area
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heading toward ewing, millville you are about to be rocking and rolling as well as other parts of the cumberland county and eventually if they will hold together in cape may and atlantic counties as well. this is possibility for the rest of the morning we could see more thunderstorm popping up in advance of the frontallal system but there is still a chance we will get to 90 degrees today. we are at 76. we're on our way. 64 percent relative humidity 567:89:33 your sunrise time and full first day of summer. right now our temperatures in mount pocono is 70 degrees. seventy-two in hazel ton. washington township, well, nothing indicated there but 77 . so we have a possibility not only this morning but this afternoon of thunderstorm popping up, we will have the possibility of sunshine today so we have a little bit of everything, if we get to 90, we will have our second heat wave of the season. sunset still at 8:33. so bob kelly, now it is official, happy summer.
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>> officially summer 467:89:02. good morning everybody. what is today, tuesday? we have the crews out there working live on the vine street expressway. vine street expressway closed this morning between schuylkill and broad street, folks push off at broad or from the schuylkill you can use 30th street, spring garden or south street. live look at the vine street expressway in both directions there. admiral wilson boulevard, again, that construction where we go down to one lane coming up and over that airport circle that will get tight during the rush hour. right now things aren't bad, speed is where they should be but as sue just shows us, thunder boom are tuesday we will get hit with thunder boomers rolling through our area quickly. that will quickly change the road conditions as you get ready to step outside the door in the next hour or so. we will go down to i-95 at street road where on and off ramps are closed until 5:00 o'clock as part of that overnight repaving operation in bucks county. if you are catching earlier
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flights out of the philadelphia international and for that matter up until noon time, check with the airline as those storms will impact air travel, not just here in philadelphia but as sue mentioned up in the new york area, all it takes is one or two quick delays out of jfk and that will have a domino effect on the rest of the day and septa's new schedule in effect with the regional rails and buses and trolleys. chris, back over to you. time is 4:04. lets get to breaking news where police are investigating a double shooting, shooting happened just before 1:30 on east madison street an 18 year-old was found at that location with the gunshot wound to the leg, he was taken to temple hospital in stable condition, a little later, medics found a 23 year-old man shot in the back at g and allegheny street. witnesses told philadelphia police the shooter had two guns and was firing both weapons at the same time. right now police are looking into whether drugs might be involved. we are following more breaking news, right now all clear has been given after a
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suspicious package was found in university city. package was found just after 2:00 o'clock in the morning so just a short time ago. area of 33rd and race streets. philadelphia police and k-9 units say clothing was the only thing they found inside that bag. now to a developing story this morning police trying to find the man behind a violent attack in a city landmark. they say it happened after women started asking or one woman to, if she could have a a cigarette. fox 29's steve keeley live in south philadelphia with more, so a fight break out because somebody wanted a smoke. >> reporter: sadly not just a familiar landmark but a familiar place, can we get the mixed minus fixed fixed back there at the a fistfights and the attacks before at geno's steaks. geno's has a lot of security, surveillance and cops that hang out here because geno's constantly doing things for the philadelphia police department but not here 24/7.
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on the same saturday night of the orlando attack, five punks, not kenting would the man with them, bragged that like the orlando shooter they were also with isis, as they did the very unmanly beesley thing and first beat up a young woman here when lady's husband stepped into stop it, they then did the extra five on one more hitting him from behind too, all because the attackers had a tacked this couple but a woman with them who had been with the wednesdaying with them earlier dared to ask if they had an extra get with them. you can see these guys on the geno's surveillance system, pretty good clear in color. now also sadly cleared and color healed somewhat for past zero days patrick kane, 31 year-old, looked worse after five on one attack june 11th. he was in the suit and tie in these pictures because he had just been to that wedding.
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his wife brooke a day care teacher got hit before he did when she let these guys know saying they were with isis was not exactly a funny kind of joke to say. >> leave. you don't know if they have guns, knives, whatever. so i got punched in the nose and then before i could have reacted i got punched in the back of the head and while i was bent over i got two upper cuts to the eye. i was down on the ground bleeding from my face so i don't know what color their car was, or how many cars or where they went, honestly, none of. that it is ignorant. i don't know why everything has to escalate like that in this city. there is no reason for it. >> reporter: if you didn't recognize the five guys that jumped him you may note thinks woman. she was the one who drove one of the two dark colored vehicles and cops described her as a getaway driver. they didn't get the plates everybody that witnessed this but they did notice both were from new jersey, the pickup
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truck and suv, this crew came over here in that night. get a good look at this woman. she doesn't have a baseball cap on and maybe if you recognize would the man the woman will lead the cops to those guys over in new jersey. the chris, a guy just wearing his rangers outfit a cop, got pummeled down here too just because he was rooting for the opposite team. usually fights down here are over stupid things so asking for a cigarette and coming from out of town to root for your team while they are playing for your flyers, a couple big things that these fights have come over good welcome to philly. a woman has turned herself into police for a brutal murder. we first told but this last week. prosecutors have charged 39 year-old she one armstrong of wilkes barre with murder, kidnapping and other offences. she killed toya bryant and left her body on georges hill drive-in fairmount park on
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june 14th. now they have in the revealed a possible motive in this, a couple found bryant's body with stab wound and a gunshot wound to the head. two philadelphia men in jail accused of operating a huge per win distribution operation. kathleen kane announced the rest in southwest philadelphia she said santos ruiz and philipbergos both live in the mayfair section of the city. investigators found more than 3600 packets of the heroin on the two men. kane reminded if you suspect illegal drug activity in your neighborhood submit an anonymous tip on the office of the attorney yen's web site. now that more than a week since that deadly shooting inside an orlando nightclub and now two young women from philadelphia, who are inside the club at the time of the shooting are back home. patients carter, a fox 29 intern and tiara parker were inside the night club when the gun man opened fire. philadelphia lost one of their best friend in the violence. patients and tiara are back in
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philadelphia and stopped by the station last night. patients tells us how she's coping with life, right now, since that emotional night of terror. >> i stopped believing that god could save me from that situation and i wanted to myself before he got shot again or before the entire bathroom was blowing up, i stopped believing that i could get out of this, but don't give up your faith. keep believing because you never know, you will never know for sure if you'll get pulled out that day. >> patients and tiara say they want to share their message of faith and resilience to anyone having a hard time, both strong and brave young woman will be on "good day philadelphia" coming up at 7:30. can't wait. happening right now a local community is helping those affect by the tragedy in the form of the dog.
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tri-state k-9 crisis response team is sending therapy dogs to orlando. dave kinchen is standing by live in cherry hill, hi dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are awaiting the arrival of the k-9 tri-state k-9 crisis response team will be in this area, heading out here around 4:45. lets go to video of the orlando tragedy there because the crisis response team here will be heading down to do their part and greeting the orlando victims and families and first responders with six crisis response therapy dogs all certified to help ease the the pain of those dealing with the impact of that mass shooting. they will be leaving cherry hill just before 5:00 o'clock as we said to catch a 7:05 a.m. flight at philadelphia a international airport there and they will hit the ground running once they get down to florida and down to orlando. we are awaiting their arrival and then their departure and we will keep you updated as they make their way down there all right dave we will check back.
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shaf on.
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watching thunderstorms rumbling through part of our area and more seem to be on the way from the north. it is just a matter of whether they will hold together or not. lets zoom in first to the north of us and you can see lightening popping up in the pocono counties, hazel ton getting strong thunderstorms this morning. when you get a storm and you can see how isolated they are, they could ab code by hail, high wind, heavy downpours, fast and furious is what we usually say. you see this line stretching there gloucester county to central delaware we will zoom in closer. milford is getting a thunderstorm. one just passed through dover. here's millville, new jersey. lets take away lightening and show what you is going on, bauer's beach, river view, camden in delaware as well as the one in new jersey and you are getting thunderstorms as well. is there heavy downpour near bridgeton, new jersey and that
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seems to be heading toward millville, pittsgrove also isolated heavy downpour so these are isolated thunderstorms but we will see them popping up throughout the morning probably before the next couple of hours. 76 degrees and humid in philadelphia right now. seventy-eight in lancaster. seventy-four in wildwood. heading down the shore 27 in cape may. seventy-three avalon. mid 70's the on the boardwalk in atlantic city. we are looking at future cast, this one shows temperature and precipitation we will see thunderstorms popping up in random area throughout the rest of the morning and we will stay in the 70's, then sun comes out we have a chance to get to 90 degrees, if we do heat wave number two of the season but see to our south by 2:00 more pop up thunderstorms. this is a cold front coming through and then be careful on the way home. this is your eye to the sky time because strong thunderstorms could be moving through the area with the rest of that cold front. we are not finish once we are
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finish with the morning storms but we won't get as nearly as warm on wednesday with high in the 80's. so this will be a three day heat wave. lets get to that seven day forecast and show you what we're talking about with 80 degrees today. thinks the wrong seven day forecast, so you know what we will just get right back to ultimate doppler radar and keep an eye on those thunderstorms as they move through, is there right one bob kelly. >> through go. >> 90 degrees today, heat wave. >> yes, thunder boomer tuesday is here as we are live looking at that coney palmyra bridge almost complete with the quick opening here. getting ready to grab your coffee, keys, heading out the front door betsy ross bridge would be your best bet otherwise kind of quiet. live look at ben franklin no problems or delays coming into downtown, vine street expressway, still closed, live
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look at the schuylkill at 30th street station. it is closed from the schuylkill over to broad street. you know the drill until 5:00 o'clock with the local detours. otherwise as sueby mentioned throughout the morning these thunderstorms moving through will quickly bring us downpours and quickly knock speeds almost in half there and then leaving behind the wet road. it will be a game changer for morning rush hour, in problems, out of the ordinary in south jersey here on 42 or 55, schuylkill, blue route, i-95, everything okay but at philly international check with your airline through the morning rush hour. we will start to see the first group of arrivals and departures in the 5:30, quarter of 6:00 time frame. those storms heading up and causing delays in new york as well. project, gas main project for pse&g along the admiral wilson boulevard impacting 70, 38, and 130, the big deal that is
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one lane on the admiral wilson heading in toward that airport circle and they are still working out here on the 95 ramps to and from street road, they are closed until 5:00, market frankford and broad street subway running shuttle buses until 5:00. in the wake of the mass shooting in orlando the senate blocks plans to keep guns out of the hand of the suspect terrorist and also blocks plans to beef up government background checks. four senate plans were on the table yesterday, both democrats and republicans offering two plans to try to keep people on the terror watch list from obtaining firearms and both signed off on plan to existing background check for gun purchases, each of the proposals from each of the side failed to get votes needed to pass in the the senate. in chester county police want to know who beat a woman to death in her own home. a relative police say discover the body of denise barger in, her berwyn home on heather
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stone drive on friday. barger lived alone since her husband died in march. she recently sold that property days before her body was found according to friends. officials are investigating what may have happened and anyone with any information is out there they are urged to call police. authorities interviewing several of the 12 girls living with the bucks county man, they are trying to find out hot girls are and if any crimes were committed against them 567891 year-old lee kaplan is in jail facing child sex abuse charges. investigators say he fathered two children with the teenager who has was given to them pie her parents, that couple, daniel and savilla a stoltzfus, also have been charge. fox 29 spoke to their son in lancaster county. young man shared little information but explained kaplan has been a long time family friend. >> all i can tell you, he was a good father. >> all right. that son says he has not had any communication with his parents since they were
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arrested last week. neighbors say they owned a repair shop but business went under. kaplan helped the couple get out of financial ruin and in exchange they gave the man their oldest daughter, four years ago. 4:21. sad update to a story from last month, horse adopted by jon stewart, well, he died. vets euthanized lily sunday after she fell and broke her neck at the stewart's middletown, new jersey farm. the comedian and his wife tracie a adopt that had horse last month after she was abandoned at an auction in lancaster county. police say someone shot her with paint balls over and over again. she was swollen and in pain. tracie stewart said that lily enjoyed their time at the farm munching grass and got quote lots of hugs what a sad update that is. building partially collapsed in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood, the homes had emergency crews responding. to the naked high damage does not appear to be that serious
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but no one was hurt and this video comes from a fresco user named darryl, you can join the knees team as well, go to the google play store and iphone app store to get started. howard has a lot to say about the phillies this morning, that is after something happened to the phillies yesterday that has not happened in 52 years. something that is really hard to achieve on the way. howard will explain next in sports. but first your winning lottery numbers.
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i'm howard eskin. phillies kept setting records for ineptness. let's run them down phillies scored five runs losing all a four games to arizona toned the home stand. phillies got swept in the home stand and six games for first time in 64. another brutal offensive day yesterday. lets get to citizens bank park. first inning against jeremy hellickson, no outs, one on, rbi single. remember, a man is on. next batter, jake lamb, hits a home run, a bomb, i mean he crush these ball. three batters in. phillies are down three to nothing. this they lose three-one. the manager is coming up with a reason that they cannot hit. >> there is something tells me
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that we're guessing too much. we are looking for a fast ball and we get a breaking ball and vice versa and that is something we have to get away from if in fact that is the case. cleveland cavilers arrived back in cleveland yesterday they had a busy 24 hours after they won a championship, they went from oakland, vegas, and lebron comes home with the trophy. that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. we're following a developing story out of camden county where things are really heating up, why school officials still have not decided whether or not to have school today.
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we have breaking news out of kensington where police are investigating a double shoot using police say shooter had two guns. plus moments before a vicious attack so brutal police do not want to show you the assault. they give us part of the thing. clues investigators are using right now to catch these men. parents accused of brutally beating their twin two month-old baby girls and now they are set to face the judge later today. good day, it is tuesday, june 21st, 2016. lauren johnson has the morning off. before we get to sue and her weather forecast we have a developing weather story for you where camden county school kid are waiting to see if they
4:30 am
will have school today. students were sent home early yesterday after temperatures climbed really high. schools in that district don't have september rally with air. officials cancelled after school programs because of all that heat. decision on whether or in the to have school today will be made sometime this morning. sue, when they do we will pass it along but it was a scorcher. >> we are waiting to find out about temperatures there is a good chance to get backup in the 90's. high here in philadelphia was 91 yesterday. not much different in camden, new jersey hitting 90-degree mark as well but today, right now at 4:30 in the morning we have some action on radar, quite a bit all this white you see are lightening bolts indicating strong thunderstorms moving through the area. we will zoom in on where we were watching last time, central delaware, cumberland county, new jersey. we are seeing these storms heading to southern delaware. if you are at delaware beaches this morning you will probably be about 15 or 20 minutes away from hearing rumbles of thunder, seeing lightening and
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getting heavy downpours and high wind, maybe hail associated with these storms. jersey shore, your turn is next as well. we will take away lightening and show areas where it is orange, and deep red, that is where we will see heavy downpours and there is one in gloucester county, one to the north of that in the western or earn part of the camden county. we have 76 degrees. little bit on the muggy side but we have a breeze out of the west southwest. 5:33 is your sunrise time. checking other temperatures throughout the region, we have doylestown at 75 degrees. seventy-three in west chester. millville 73. and a thunderstorm as we just saw on radar, lewis, delaware you are about to get a thunderstorm with a high of 74. we will have sunshine today in between the thunderstorms but possibility is there for some more strong storms to pop up because we expect the heat and humidity to be there,
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90 degrees, if we get there, we will have our second heat wave of the season and it is still a sunset of 8:33 even though now that we have summer beginning the days start to get shorter every day but still looking good. happy summer. >> right back at you, cape may lewis ferry will be rocking with some thunder boomers there. good morning again, as sue just mentioned depending upon where you begin and end your trip the road will be wet, slippery and of course thunder boomer on the way. live look at 42 freeway, headlights coming toward the city, no problems or delays here but get ready down the shore the expressway, parkway, portions of 47. 347, even route 55, get hit with a heavy storm at the moment. tacony palmyra back in business we had an earlier opening. that ship heading south so should be out of our hair and will not impact burlington bristol. that is good news. live look the at the blue route right here near the schuylkill expressway again as rain moves through that will
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knock speeds down quickly and catching one of the earlier flights out of the philly international check ahead with the airline before you put those bags in the trunk. mass transit looking good with no delays, chris, back over to you. we have breaking news, where police are investigating a double shooting. shooting happened just before 1:30 on east madison street a 18 year-old was found at that location with the gunshot wound to the leg. he was taken to temple hospital in stable condition. now a little later medics found a 23 year-old man shot in the back of the g and allegheny streets. witnesses told philadelphia police that the shooter had two guns and was firing both weapons at the same time. police are looking into whether drugs were involved. just a question, innocent question, turns into a violent assault at geno's in south philadelphia. now police are searching for the men whom they say beat up a group of friend who simply wanted cheese steaks. lets go to steve keeley at the popular landmark with more on what led up to this attack,
4:34 am
steve. >> reporter: we got extra incentive for you viewers to tip off police when you look at geno's clear colored surveillance video. same night by the way, coincidently of the orlando attack two saturdays ago same stupid thing uttered from these losers on the video that they are also with isis. the five on one attack first on a young woman and then on one of the women's husband trying to do what a real man would do and protect his wife from these not the so tough guys who did the know so far and in the the so tough five on one pummeling mostly from behind of 31 year-old patrick kane his wife first got hit, her name is brooke, she got hit when she told these punks saying with isis is not funny and it began because brooke's female friend asked if any of the group had a spare cigarette. >> don't talk to me. you don't know who we are.
4:35 am
why would you ask me that question? we belong to isis. just flew off the handle. like we said we were saying that is in the something you joke about that is ignorant not funny what makes you think i'm trying to be funny. then hand on the girls. once we tried to separate and calm everything down because i wanted to leave, i mean that is when i am starting thinking we don't know if they have a a gun or a knife, clearly we're out numbered this is not going to be fair at all. i got punched in the nose, trying to settle things. lets just leave because we don't know if they have guns, knives, whatever. i got punched in the nose. before i could have reacted i got punched in the back of the head and while i was bent over i got two upper cuts to the eye. >> reporter: no one, of course got the license plates of their two getaway vehicles both with new jersey plate a dark truck and a dark suv, that these people came and
4:36 am
went in but when looking at this woman maybe you can recollect nice her if not any of the guys with her because this woman police say was one of the drivers of their getaway vehicle. tipped police off who she is and she will inform the rest. then everybody will see how tough they are doing time in prison for aggravated assault and see how that isis allegiance holds up in a state prison. >> good point. 4:36. steve keeley live in south philadelphia, thanks. happening now a local community helping those affected by the tragedy in orlando. tri-state k-9 crisis response team is sending therapy dogs to florida. dave kinchen is live in cherry hill, hi there dave. >> reporter: dogs just got here in the too long ago and i'm here with tom, the team leader here. we want to talk to you, and show the dogs, just tell us what is the mission here as you head to orlando. >> obviously we are heading down there providing the assistance that we can as far as what happened with the tragedy down there our main objective is going to be
4:37 am
making sure emergency services are taken care of. they tend to get overlooked in these situations, and so we will be focused on taking care of police, fire, e ms and as well as hospital staff, going dunn there, providing services to them because clip they get overlooked in these situations. post traumatic stress disorder is huge when it comes to traumatic events like this, so we will make sure they are taken care of as well. that is our goal when we get down there. >> reporter: how does this work when it comes to training these dogs to the different need of post traumatic stress disorder. >> the dogs typically take two years of training in order to get prepared to provide crisis response therapy work, that type of work. they are all certified therapy dogs. we work a lot in hospitals, with schools, kids with autism as part of the training process. we do a lot of chris california and for the team
4:38 am
members as dogs working closely with emergency responders in the area here. they are experienced and they get to feel what it is like to work in difficult environments. >> reporter: safe travels to you heading to phl international and then, down to orlando and now back to you, chris. >> dave, thanks very much. glad they are heading down there. >> lets head over to bob kelly looking at our road on this tuesday morning. >> good morning everybody. we have construction on i-95 right here near street road those ramps are closed until 5:00 o'clock. grabbing your bag and head to the airport head up we have thunder boomers moving through town. sueby has the forecast and we will check the rest of the jam cams when we come right back.
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happening today tulleytown couple accused of abusing their infant twin daughters faces a judge. michael and melissa jail are scheduled to appear in court for their hearings. police arrested them last month after their two month-old girls were discovered inside their home, with broken bones and malnourished. they had been charged with felony child boost and aggravated assault. former nascar driver, attack, unconscious on the ground and what his daughter says happened when she dove on top of him to protect him.
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4:44 am
we're following a lot of action with thunderstorms rumbling through southern new jersey and southern delaware but then see another line entering pocono mountains and about to enter northern and western suburbs. so watch out in let's say, berks county here, and northampton and lehigh and then eventually montgomery and bucks. we will see if any of these thunderstorms hold together. when you get one you'll get a heavy downpour.
4:45 am
see that dark red there south of hazel ton and that is the deal here in a line here all the way from atlantic county through sussex county in delaware. you will see lightening there, we will zoom in closer there and then take lightening away and show you everything has left dover, delaware area millville just got their thunderstorms, buena is getting it right now. as we go through rest of the day we will see more thunderstorms popping up this morning but then sun comes out and we will get a chance to get to 90 degrees before more thunderstorms hit in the afternoon. they will be hit or miss, watch it if you are at your kid games tonight keep an eye on the sky for that or even driving home because it will be a little action there tonight but those thunderstorms just lick this morning will be isolated and not everyone will get one but we have a chance for another heat wave. we will look at thursday with another chance of showers and thunder storms. certainly not boring.
4:46 am
we had 85 degrees, on saturday. ninety-one on sunday. ninety-one yesterday. all we need is one more day today to reach 90 degrees and we have heat wave number two of the season. there is another look the at the future cast and possibility around 6:00 o'clock tonight of more downpours and thunderstorms popping up. 90 degrees today. eighty-seven tomorrow. breezes picking up. showers and thunderstorms rumble through with another cold front on thursday but what a fine friday we will have, low humidity and highs in the mid 80's for our trip to quakertown on friday morning, warming up on saturday to the 80's and then back in the 90's by sunday and monday of next week. our bonus in the summertime is the seven day with the shore temperatures still in the 70's tomorrow but thursday and friday we will get a land breeze and things will be heating up more at the shore bob kelly. >> then we will get green flies, right.
4:47 am
>> yes. >> no green flies here we are 55 and 65 on the new jersey turnpike. we will try to go around some areas. sue mentioned these thunder boom are moving through quick. here's route 13 in delaware not that far from dover downs the speed way there, again, they are wet roads make it a game changer for morning rush hour possible weather delays down at philly international heading town to the airport, to maybe drop off to fly out of town, lets check with the airline that is something that is with you not just for morning, for evening rush hour. septa's new schedule in effect for all regional rail lines, buses, trolleys, along the way. here's the vine street expressway, no problems at all opened for business in both directions, so that is good to go for this this tuesday morning. northeast philadelphia looking live at i-95, again when we get heavy downpours if you happen to becoming through one of the construction zones at that time look out because
4:48 am
there is a tendency to get that quick ponding on the roadway because the drainage grates are all reshuffled through the construction zones at girard. speaking of construction, project here by pse&g ape airport circle so watch for delays on the admiral wilson boulevard down to one lane working your way in pennsauken. up in pottstown char lieutenant street blocked at king street so watch for local detours there. chris, back over to you. new to the the race for white house a man was arrested in the donald trump rally in las vegas and he said he tried to grab a officer gun to kill trump. police arrested michael stevens sanford at a rally saturday at treasure island a scene owe. sanford said he wanted an autograph for trump before grabbing the handle of that officer's gun. he said he had been planning on an assassination on trump for about a year and was ready to die in that attempt.
4:49 am
major shake up in the trump campaign, corry lewandowski noise longer his campaign manager n march lewandowski made news after michelle field is accused him of grabbing and bruising her after a news conference. trum april accused her of making the story up and lewandowski tweet that had she was totally delusional. he was later charge with simple battery but palm beach county attorney yen decided no the to prosecute. decisions to fire lewandowski was made swiftly with trump's family members. a new poll released shows clinton leading in the race for white house, monmouth university's poll said hillary clinton lead donald trum top 49 to 41 percent among likely voters. she has a strong lead of 27 points among female voters and more than four to one advantage among minority voters. trump leads by 11-point among men and white voters. coming up on 4:50. a night out on the town ended
4:50 am
up at a stay in the hospital for former nascar driver. some of these images are tough to see. >> i remember the hit and then i woke up on the ground. >> i thought looking at the my dad that he was dead. >> wow. >> mike wallace took his daughter to a concert friday night, and making small talk with the group of folks nearby. that is when out of no where someone hit him in the head knocking him unconscious and it didn't stop there. wallace's daughter says three men kept kicking her dad as he just laid there on the pavement. she even jumped on top of him to try to protect him. >> the mom of this group came up and put her hand on me and started strangling and pulling my hair and threw me down to the ground. we were all helpless. >> man. >> police arrested these three guys but they face misdemeanors. wallace daughter says officers told them same three men may have been involve in three fights at the same venue.
4:51 am
we are now hearing 911 calls to orlando emergency dispatchers about an alligator that snatched a two-year old boy at a disney resort. authorities released a call from the woman at the pool last tuesday when the gator grabbed and drowned two-year old lane graves. the attack happened in the water in the disney world's grand floridai an resort. in the call woman says she was not at the scene but something that had happened. caller thought that some one had drawn >> searchers found lane's body the next day. since the attack disney has installed warning visitors about alligators and snakes. cot has also put up temporary barriers and at resort beach locations while officials work on a more permanent, licensing term solutions. so much bad news out of
4:52 am
orlando in the past couple weeks. coming up on 4:52 get ready a major fast food chain business to give out free food. what you need to do today to cash in. live lot at ben franklin parkway for you on this tuesday morning. lah goon.
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4:54 am
taco bellies giving away free taco is today because of the golden state warrior stole a win over the cavilers on their home turf. yesterday, yes, we know cleveland has won the whole
4:55 am
thing but cleveland also has been winning this thing but don't question the local taco. the it depended on one team winning the game and opposing team during the series. warriors they beat the cavilers on june the tenth, that free taco is available all across the country today from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. and in the new, you know, interest net craze many dad are taking the cheer ohio challenge. stack as many cheerios as you cannon top of your sleeping child. this is hilarious. facebook group called life of dad started this challenge. the it may sound easy but dads on line says it is harder then it looks especially if you are trying who hold back your laughter. eight or nine is highest stack so far. others have built multiple stacks. kid won't wake up, in that deep, deep sleep. i wish i could sleep truly like a baby.
4:56 am
that ace adorable. she has received tons of gifts, at a parent's request just for making the world smile with her infectious laugh. now she's getting another honor. toy maker hasbro surprised her with her own action figure, you know, in chewbacca mask. she says 13 of the phrases she says in her popular facebook video. things are heating up in summer. organizers announced line up for this years budweiser made in america festival. yesterday global superstars rihanna and cold play will head line, two chains, lil wayne and others will perform. the two day festival will be on the ben franklin parkway labor day weekend september 3rd and 4th. ticket presales start tomorrow. still ahead a local community is helping those impacted by tragedy in orlando. how they will help comfort those were four legged friend. plus a fight out of
4:57 am
control at geno's steaks barks czar claim these men made before the fists started flying. chew back a.
4:58 am
4:59 am
two people sent to the home in kensington following a double shooting. why police say the shooter had one guns. plus a brutal assault by a philadelphia eatery what she asked a group of men that set
5:00 am
them off. >> i have to also take it easy, and take it one day at a time. >> she survived terror in an orlando nightclub and now a fox 29 intern patience carter and her friend tiara are back home in philadelphia hear from the girls on how they are looking ahead to their futures. good day, it the is june 21st, 2016. i'm chris murphy. lauren johnson has the morning off. i glanced over your shoulder. all kind of lightening bolts, coming down. >> weather drama in some places. now here in philadelphia we are in the seeing any action at least not yet. there could be more that pop up but we have been watching southern delaware and southern new jersey, jersey shore, if you are not hearing that thunder yet you will be momentarily, atlantic city is about to get that thunderstorm or rain from it. we can see rain heading toward all of the garden state parkway, so we will take


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